Friday, May 9, 2014

The Baby Bump... Maternity & Motherhood by Montreal Family Portrait Photographer Studio Hera Bell

This Sunday will be another mother's day.

I am so happy that my mother is alive and with us. She has been and still is a source of love and self determination in my life.

Over the years I had the privilege to photograph some amazing pregnant mothers to be. Most of the client photos I can't show, they stay in my private archives. But I will share few with you today. As I was given permission to show them.

Photographing that baby bump and making it look poetic, sexy and sassy has been always my goal.

Babies are conceived out of love and result of passion between two people. A pregnant woman is radiant and sexy. It is up to us photographers to capture that sexiness and beauty of a mother to be.

Voila few samples of what I mean.

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers to be out there. Your life will change soon.



                             I love you mom. This photo was taken December 2010.