Saturday, January 31, 2015

Power Of Gold Audiovisual by Montreal Glamour - Boudoir Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

During my travels to Thailand, I witnessed Buddhist placing 24 karat gold leaves on Buddha’s statue at their temples.  I must admit, this has fascinated me.

Every temple is covered with gold in Thailand. The Burmese burnt the Thai city Ayutthaya just to melt and steal the gold on the entire city’s temples and architectural structures. Today when you visit the city, it stands in ruins reminding us the greed of human kind towards the power of Gold.

I am deeply affected by human kind killing their own kind. Unfortunately we never learn from our history.

In my recent photography project which you can see in this audio visual, I used 24 karat gold leaves directly from Thailand.

Everything in this video has for me deep symbolism. Gold is a beautiful precious metal. I used it on my beautiful chocolate skin muse Widline.

I will let you ponder on who we are as a human race today. Nothing much has changed since our existence.

Thank you,
Hera Bell

Concept, art direction, photography, styling, hair and make up was all done by yours truly.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Images, One International Competition 4th Place By The Jury And By The Crowd by Montreal Glamour Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

Montreal Glamour Make Over Portrait Portrait Photography Studio by photographer Hera Bell
I love entering competitions with my images.

I do not often just aim to win, but to see the reaction.

I have recently entered an international  photo competition.

The theme was: Fashion & Beauty

339 images have entered. You could enter two images only.
55879 votes were casted by the crowd formed by other member photographers at Photocrowd.

One of my images became 4th chosen by the crowd. Here is a screen grab below. You can see it larger just click on the image below.

The other one became 4th by the expert jury. Here is a screen grab below . You can see it larger just click on the image below.

Opinions matter for me. It only makes me a better photographer. Thank you Photocrowd.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Lux Perfume Ad Campaign Photographic Creativity Does Not Need Eyes

I have always said. The camera is just a tool. In the hands of a creative artist it becomes magic. In the hands of a technician it is just a tool of the trade. I want all my blog followers to watch the 3 av's in red texts. And then tell me if I am wrong. Have a wonderful day.

To me photography has always been capturing a feeling, not recording reality. A feeling can't be seen, it is only felt. You can't become a successful  artist overnight by emulating others.
Montreal fine art glamour make over boudoir portrait photography studio by photographer hera bell

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Simply Jessica Another Glamour Make Over Boudoir Session Bites The Dust By Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

January 3 2015, this was the years first glamour make over boudoir portrait session.

My client is Jessica, a 26 years old beautiful young Armenian lady.

No need to say much. The photos will always speak for themselves.

I promised like usual 20 different shots, we ended up with 21 photos.

Enjoy the visual journey. And the 10"x10" amazing album that I have created with 20 thick laminated pages printed on high quality photo paper. The pages are flush mount and it makes a great  coffee table book.. A true conversation piece. The price $250.00 Canadian. Yeah! High quality product for an amazing value.

The contact sheet of the entire results