Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Merging Architectural Elements When You Incorporate People

This is an old historical house by the river. It is filled with great details and architectural structures to discover as a photographer.

Now how one goes about photographing it when you have a living subject incorporated to that equation, it becomes simply all about the photographer's personal vision.

It gets even more exciting when you have several editing choices, the sky becomes the limit to your imagination.

The final image has to carry a certain natural context in the environment you are presenting the subject.

Editing can be fun.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fine Art Artistic Nudes.Montreal Glamour Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

Sometimes by showing less you can say much more.

With a single studio strobe under a dramatic lighting a couple's body becomes one and you can showcase her ink art through intertwined body parts.

This is where I like to play in the border line of erotica versus fine art when it comes to nudity.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Editing One Stop In Camera RAW CS6- Montreal Glamour Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

Believe it or not, this portrait was shot with modeling lights only, in my studio during a private photography workshop that I had hosted. My student was using the strobes. I shot this shot behind the scene. I wanted to test how far I can go shooting in a dark studio without flash, only with modeling light of the flash.

The camera setting was ISO 500 f/5.6 1/60 sec at 54 mm focal point. Camera was a Panasonic Lumix GH2

You can see how the original RAW file was. And this is how I edited the entire final shot in CS6 Bridge RAW.

It took me only few minutes.

Then the web re-sizing was done with an action I have created with my logo on it. It took few seconds.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photographing Pets & Their Owners. Montreal Glamour Photographer Hera Bell's Studio

Natacha  and Jeanfrancois were in my Montreal photo studio last summer with their two beautiful dogs. Voila, some results from our session.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Creating Animated Gif File In Android. Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

When last week Emma and Louise were in my photography studio in Montreal for a portrait sitting session, I couldn't help myself playing around with this android app animated gif maker before we started the session.

Here are the results. Mother and daughter giving a kiss to each other.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Photographing Children Montreal Children Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

When I started my photography career in 1997, I was photographing what I called back then "Glamour Make-overs". The era was with film. You could not see what you shoot. You had to be great at lighting.

Later on I wanted to diversify my clientele. I wanted to get into photographing family portraits. It took me nearly a year to convince my clientele that I could be as good as photographing their babies and children as I can photograph them as glamour subjects.

I built a impactful portfolio to convince them. Seeing is believing as they say.

Over the years I photographed many babies and their parents. All ages. All ethnic backgrounds.

One thing I always aimed to capture who they are.

Here are some samples...  My basic family portrait package starts at $350.00. We can conduct the session in your place or in my West Island studio. One make-up application is included in the price.



Everyone has a story. I tell your stories through my photos.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Regarding Competition In Any Business. by Montreal photographer Hera Bell

Many business owners complain about their competition. Each generation claims that times have changed. Times do change. Technology evolves. Everyone tries to adapt. Some will be always better then others, this is just simple facts of life. We are not all created equal.

This has been true in all kind of business sectors since the existence of human kind in any capitalistic society.

Last year Apple (IPhone) opened a war against Samsung Galaxy android phone. Apple took Samsung to court in several countries with all bunch of allegations.


In North America although Apple won few of their court claims, in UK and several other court cases Apple lost their allegations against Samsung.  In UK Apple had to publish an apology ad.

Industry analysts today, they talk of Samsung Galaxy phone series' sales surpassing Apple's IPhone sales.

A healthy competition is good for the consumer. A healthy competitor does not badmouth the other party by using the name of his/her competition just to turn the spotlight on to themselves.

Photography business is no different. An educated customer knows the difference and their needs.

If you visit a business, as a consumer, and all you hear from the business owner how his/her competition is bad, and how he/she is great, I suggest you, stop a minute and ask what is he/she is scared of?

Food for thought...

A Sunshine Smile. Montreal Glamour Portrait Photographer Hera Bell's Photo Studio

A bright smile is like sunshine.

May you have always the sun shining upon your pathway dear LouLou. You are an amazing lady. A fighter. a mother, a wife...

PS: This image started as a studio shot. Louise brought her wedding gown to our photo session. Later on digitally I transported her to the background which I had shot in London. It is a living wall. All the plants are real. The background was shot with my Samsung Galaxy SII cell phone. The studio portrait was shot with Panasonic Lumix GH2. Two 1000 W Bowen studio strobes were my light source.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Joy. Montreal Glamour Boudoir Photographer Hera Bell

Anna in all her splendor. My client is a breast cancer survivor.

Make-up, styling was all done by me as well.

During any glamour make over photography session in my Montreal studio, my first goal is to offer my clients an amazing journey. It is beyond simple photography. It is almost a therapy session. You come out of it in flying colors. I try to bring the inner beauty of everyone to their outer shells.

We are all beautiful. A picture speaks thousand words.

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