Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spirits Never Abandon by Montreal Fine Art Portrait Photographer Hera Bell


"Speak to me please!"

She whispered

Through an eerie silence.

As he simply looked away with empty eyes.

Then she stood by the door's frame

And told him

"Goodbye my love.

Maybe you will miss me more when I'll be gone.

Then you might start listening to my story

Through these empty decaying walls

Where our dreams were built once."

By Hera Bell March 10th. 2003



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unique Artistic Visions In Portraiture by Montreal Glamour Boudoir & Family Portrait Photography Studio Hera Bell

Montreal & West Island Glamour Boudoir Family Baby Portrait Studio Since 1997.
We always make choices in life at every pathway we face. We are our choices at the end of that day. This goes a long way when we choose a portrait photographer.

Creative portraiture was never about the space you photograph your clients in. It is about your artistic vision and how you style that space which will reflect in your final product. It is also about how much you search beyond that space you had photographed your client.

The space you will photograph at as a photographer will no longer become your limit. Your vision will be your only limit.

One session, one studio, 3 outfits, a beautiful subject with her pet... 12 different shots.Voila.

I hope that you will enjoy the samples below...





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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fabulous 50's Celebrating Womanhood With Your Girlfriends by Montreal Glamour Boudoir Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

After being 17 years behind the camera, I can say that us humans never grow up. Men and women equally in that matter. Given the opportunity and the play ground we always unveil the hidden child within ourselves. We give birth and we relive our childhood through our kids and their toys. I am so lucky to be that instigator as a photographer.

Val and I met last year through a mutual friend. When I met her for the very first time I knew that our meeting was not a coincidence. It was meant to happen.

That day I learn that Val had lost 150 pounds. She is a writer. Therefor a very creative woman appreciating creativity.

In December  2013 she booked a glamour make-over session for April 1st 2014 for her and  her 3 closest girlfriends in my studio, I had asked myself how would my day would go about with these 4 fabulous woman in their 50's.

They all had a life story. They were coming to my studio to celebrate their close friendship. Each however had her own artistic agenda and reason to get photographed by me that particular day.

We hired my every so faithful snake owner Pat. They wanted to have a group photo shot with the snakes.  I told them to buy each 4 meters of chiffon fabric. They wanted to incorporate an apple in the shot.

They arrived with boxes and suitcases at 10am.  That morning I did each lady's make up. Although I do not style hair during my glamour make-over sessions, I can play a bit with my client's hair. I usually ask my clients to come to these sessions with their hair styled already. This way we do not spend an entire half day waiting for hair and make up stylists to do their job, like we do at commercial fashion shoots. My portrait client's are mostly busy people. A typical glamour makeover session in my studio make up included lasts no longer then 3 hours in and out.

To Val, Marita, Manon and Sylvie. You ladies rock. Thank you for permitting me to show some of the shots from this day.

When Marita left that day my studio, upon  arrival to her house she booked me for another shoot for July 24th 2014. I am looking forward to that day. She is giving me carte blanche on that session.




Some people talk about Photoshop like a dirty word in photography.

The other day my photographer friend Bruce Tracy couldn't say it better:
" Film required a dark room process to achieve the end result. Likewise, digital requires some p
rocessing via Photoshop, Lightroom, or other image processing software to achieve the end result. Asking if an image is Photoshoped is like asking if Film is processed in the Darkroom! "
When a glamour client pays me, comes to my studio and expects to look at their best without becoming like an inflatable plastic fake doll,. Too much Photoshop is too much. I agree. I take great pride in my Photoshop skills.

 Dring this session I had 4 very excited, somewhat self conscious ladies in my studio. 

 I have always said that having a third party watching the session always took away the full attention between me and my client. Instead of a duo communication, it becomes a triangle. The subject is very subconsciously conscious of someone else watching them. They feel nervous. Their attention is flaying all over.

Get 4 women in a studio, you know what I mean. They all realized this group shooting effect at the end of the day.

I direct. So therefor my clients when and if they feel comfortable and let their barriers fade away, they get the best results.

What happens when you photograph a group of women in the same shot. Add a moving snake in that equation and the ever so discreet snake handler. This first unedited version happens. I love everyone's natural expressions in this image. Except Sylvie closed her eyes.

Thank God I had a second shot right after this first one. No one looked as great in the second shot as the first one. So I copied Sylvie's face with open eyes...

Voila the results.