Sunday, March 22, 2015

About Relationships And Friendships by Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

Most friendships or most relationships are like a pair of shoes. You got to wear them out, only in time they will show if they were a good fit for you. Sometimes you are better off running shoeless to feel the difference.  Often we push ourselves to fit in a pair shoes out of desperation much like friendships Just because we don't want to feel lonely, or the shoe looks good but feels bad.

Do not forget. We are our choices in life. Much like our choices in our relationships.

Patrick was photographed in my studio in 2004.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Centaur Theatre Launches its 2015-2016 Season by Montreal Photographer Hera Bell

I am proud to be the photographer behind the 2015-2016  season's theme poster and the play posters. yay. now we can show the results. no more secrets. The much awaited media launch happened yesterday.

When Centaur's graphic designer Steve proposed me as the photographer to create the photos to the theatre's artistic director Roy, I was quite excited to undertake such task and achieve the very specific visions of 3 people. Steve, Roy and Eloi the communication director.

After few email exchanges with Steve, we had a very productive lunch meeting at my place, where I cooked, we ate, drank and brain stormed about the direction we were about to take.

I went ahead and booked few people for the shoot. As some of the play's actor's were not casted yet.

The two full days of shoots happened at the main stage. 7 sets, over 600 shots, then putting it together in two separate meetings with the boys.

We achieved in a very tight schedule (about 10 days from the shoot to completion) what you are about to see below.

As they say, I am not sad it ended, I am happy it happened.

Thank you boys. It was a great privilege to cooperate with you all 3.

6 plays which 4 of the play rights are Canadian women, which are represented in one theme poster "Luminosity"

Roy's fast sketch the day of the first shoot , photographed by me under available light with my cell phone.

The Brochure for 2015-2016 Season At Centaur.
Did I mention that I have a fear of falling? photo snapped during our shoot by Steve Ross.

At the media launch