Friday, May 17, 2013

Male Boudoir. Montreal Boudoir Photography Studio-HeraBell

Female boudoir photos are very common these days.

How about male boudoir shot? Can we call them truly boudoir? Men don't sit in parlors and admire themselves in bras and panties in front of a mirror. Unless you know what I mean... wink wink...

A boudoir  shot has to say " I am sexy" to the viewer.. Without being vulgar. Sometimes it is in the eyes. Sometimes it can carry a edgy message. A successful boudoir/glamour shot has to create a certain emotion in you. when a photographer achieves this, then gender becomes less important. To me boudoir  means just sexy. Point finale.

I have photographed many masculine clients. Some will stay in archives and they will never be shown to public.

When I have the occasional model release from  session, I proudly share.

I often get inspired from current news. My clients inspire me. My own experiences inspire me.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creating Old Fashion Vintage Style Photos-Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

I love creating my own formulas when I edit my photography. Usually when you buy photography actions from third parties, there is always something missing from them. Either they are too far out or not enough realistic.

I was recently testing to create a Photoshop action for a future project which I am commissioned to photograph. I will have an entire set of images which will end up looking as if they were taken 100 years ago which then will go into an old fashion album. The photos will be printed on Hahnemule Torchon and added to the album with old fashion image corners.

It is quite a special wedding album project.

My action will consist of two parts. And it will become an automated image editing system.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

THE Suburban Glam Coulpe. Sexy Suburbans. Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

From my photo project "THE Suburban Glam Couple" series. PART I

A look into the life of a suburban couple under an ironic microscope.

A little bit sarcasm never killed anyone. Enjoy the ride.

PS: I live in the suburbs, and I am happily married to a wonderful man. My depictions here are based on several other couple's stories. They just happen to be suburban's with large homes, big cars and big aspirations. Everything is BIG in suburbia. And it comes with free parking. Suburban's love shopping at Costco. They like saving BIG. Going to downtown is a BIG hurdle. Who wants to spend on gas and parking, if they can spend it on tanning in a salon instead.






Monday, May 13, 2013

Life Is Like Coffee

It is truly worth watching. Please follow the link below.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mom Then & Now. Mothers Day 2013 with Hera Bell

Without them I would not be here on earth.

Without their unconditional love and support I would not continue on living.

In the eye's of a mother, her child never grows.

Then and now.

We all age.

I love you mom. You are an amazing lady. Your attitude towards life is admirable. Your faith in God is contagious.

Happy mother's day Armenuhi... May you be with us for a long time.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dreamy Wedding Gowns. Montreal Wedding & Fashion Photographer Hera Bell

Creating various versions of the same image changes the mood of the photo. And it is a personal choice which one gets chosen by the client.

Voila, a black and white version.

and the de-saturated version.

And the full color version.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Photographing Christelle in 2009.Montreal Portrait Studio by Hera Bell

It was a hot August day when Christelle reached my downtown photo studio in Montreal. She was driving from Chicoutimi. Quite a drive I might add.

I did her make-up, the styling then we started to collaborate, her as my subject. in front of my camera.

I was using a Lumix G1.

I shot possibly 8 different styling. In a matter of 2 hours. We also shared a lunch and the day ended.

 She is someone who has been photographed a gazillions of times in the nude, or semi nude. How was I going to create something a bit different than the previous photographers?

She contacted me. I shy away to photograph well known faces, unless I am paid. This wasn't the case. It was a free shoot. I could not refuse her.

Here is some of the results.

The dress below is mine. It is a Mango design.

The silk robe you see here is also mine.

The skirt was hers.

The scarf was mine.

The silk taffeta skirt below actually belonged to my mother. Which I inherited and wore.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Homage to Gaudy. Montreal-Wedding-Fashion-Photographer-HeraBell

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

If your answer is "Yes", you must know about Gaudy.

If not, go follow this link and see his architectural structures that brought into our dictionary the definition of  "gaudy"...

Gaudy And His Buildings

Well, my next image is a simple humble homage to his crazy genuineness of "Livable" distortions.

The room distortion represents the world we live in. The reality of our self image however it might be distorted in reality, stays in tack, non distorted to ourselves.

If you can't see my point. Draw your own conclusions. Are all creative people a bit distorted? And does it take a non creative person to define what it is considered crazy?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Modern Ophelia. Montreal-Glamour-Fashion-Photographer-Hera-Bell

The world we live in can be a pure dreamy illusion.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tour Eiffel & Photographing A Wedding Gown. Montreal-Glamour-Fashion-Photographer-HeraBell

Are you ready for the first teaser shot from today's studio adventure?

Voila. Paris never looked so good at dusk.

The Eiffel was photographed by me several years ago with a Canon 10D at dusk long exposure on tripod.

Natanya was photographed by me today in studio with a Lumix Gh2... The rest happened in CS6.

And a studio shot without any big digital transportation. The gown is actually very soft pink.

The background was shot in Toulouse with a Canon 40D. The gown was shot today in my studio.

Chateau Versailles France...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Gown, One Model In Studio. Photographing Glamour Fashion In Montreal Hera Bell Studio

In November 2010 I got the assignment to photograph some designer gowns.

Sonia is an extremely talented Montreal fashion designer.

I hired Jessica. For only 2 hours. Yup...

Usually when you shoot a fashion collection, you work with a fairly large team. From hair, to make-up, to stylist, plus the agency and sometimes the client. You name it. The shoots at days like this can last over 12 hours. Preparations take time.

During this session it was just me and Jessica (my model). And 3 outfits.

Voila, one dress, one model, few moods in studio.

As shot.

The photo below was exhibited at Kirkland Library's Art Gallery May 2012
Title was: Human Vase
As shot (below)
Then a little bit sizzling sexy dramatic mood... A collage...