Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My NEW Glamour Make Over Photography Web Site Is UP by Montreal glamour make over portrait photographer Hera Bell

My Glamour Make Over Photography web site is officially up and running.
I wanted a web site simple, packed with images and information of what such photo sessions means to me and what are some of the results after a session with me in my studio... No hidden fees. NADA. It is all there.

I had started this unique portrait service in 1997 during the film era.
Glamour make over photography became very popular in the late 60's up to mid 70's. It first started at Hollywood. Then became popular across the USA.  Then it became so popular that it turned into  tacky portrait sessions. So it died.
A Glamour Make Over session does not necessary means your today's typical Boudoir sessions. At least for me. This is why I felt the need to start a web site showing what I mean.
In my studio we take this portrait art form one step further. We are known to offer  clients highly artistic and very realistic photography collages. All the locations they are digitally transported are shot my me. Which sets us apart from our competition. We do not just take your photo, we create the image.

I thank everyone who gave me permission to include their photos at this web site.



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pussy Power by Montreal Glamour Make Over Photographer Hera Bell

"Pussy Power Puts Most Men's Pants On Fire"

In my very bizarre imagination this is what happened at Paris' train station that day on our way to a Chateau... Sexy women took over men without any actual weapons.

A little bit humour does not kill. Just a silly observation about the interactions between women and men. And how some women who are aware of such power over men can get most things their desire.

Have a super Sunday. Thank you for dropping by.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Art Of Creating Old Fashion Photos by Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

 Emulating old fashion post cards from a by gone era.

This is not the first time I have done this.
Few years ago I had to create an entire wedding album for a special client who wore a 100 years old wedding gown she inherited from her family. The leather album matched the age of the wedding dress which was hand made by an Italian leather maker. The entire wedding had only 80 guests all dressed up to the époque. The party was happening under tones of candle light in a great estate garden located at Eastern townships. Too bad I have no permission to show the results. Some of my clients insist on privacy. and I respect that.

In this shot you see Karima in a Parisian courtyard...
It gives you an idea how every single image was edited for my wedding client's album. The edges of the photos were cut off one by one with a special scissors to give that old fashion post card edges.

I had to create a photoshop action to have uniformity between all the photos.