Friday, July 24, 2015

The Art Of Giving A Photography Gift Certificate by Montreal Glamour Boudoir Portrait Photographer Studio Hera Bell

Yesterday I delivered one of my new gift certificates to a very happy client. Couple of ladies got together to purchase this gift certificate to their co-worker who was turning 50. She was not expecting this new elaborate design. I wish I had taped her face when I showed it to her.

 I have created this handcrafted package all by myself. The person who receives it will explore it layer by layer. To me a luxury item's gift wrapping is as important as the gift itself.

Inside of the plain white envelope which it wrapped in luxurious double sided ivory thick satin ribbon, they will discover another amazing envelope, which one side is covered with a beautiful velvet flock design surface, the opening has a dye cut guipure lace and a crystal. The actual invitation has my seal logo sticker and it is embossed with my initials. You open that, you see an ivory pearled stationary where actually the text of what the gift is about is printed on.

To read and see what this highly personalized photography gift certificate involves and means you can visit the link below.


And this is how that gift certificate looks like.