Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Old But Classic Boudoir... by Montreal glamour boudoir portrait photographer Hera Bell

From my B&W negative photography era. It was shot at available light with Kodak 3200 ISO.  Negative was sandwiched under the enlarger with lens cloth and exposed in my old wet darkroom. Scanned later.

 From my very early photography, 1998 about.  Anyone who had visited my old studio had seen a canvas print of it as a 20"x30" on the wall. Classic boudoir in its purest form. No bra and panties posing on a hotel bed. She was a well known sommeliers wife.

 I had created an AV depicting my first contact print and some of the stories behind my images. If you are curious to see and read please visit the AV located on YouTube.

 My Very Early Photography from 1997

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