Sunday, December 1, 2013

One Bed And Many Stories by Montreal Glamor Boudoir Photographer Hera Bell

We all have a bed to sleep in. In there we live and create our own stories and dreams.

With me, I take that concept a bit further.

Since I have moved my Montreal downtown photo studio where I have operated from 10 years, in my new space this bed has been witnessing and caressing many beautiful people's skin. It is not a hotel room bed where I take my clients to create luxurious boudoir photography sessions. This is a bed that I can call my own.

Each person who lyes down on this bed has a story to tell. Their secrets will stay safe with me.

May your  One Thousand And One Nights   be prosperous and fine. Sweet dreams everyone.

From my studio to yours, Have a wonderful day.

PS: I have full permission to showcase these images.



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