Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unique Artistic Visions In Portraiture by Montreal Glamour Boudoir & Family Portrait Photography Studio Hera Bell

Montreal & West Island Glamour Boudoir Family Baby Portrait Studio Since 1997.
We always make choices in life at every pathway we face. We are our choices at the end of that day. This goes a long way when we choose a portrait photographer.

Creative portraiture was never about the space you photograph your clients in. It is about your artistic vision and how you style that space which will reflect in your final product. It is also about how much you search beyond that space you had photographed your client.

The space you will photograph at as a photographer will no longer become your limit. Your vision will be your only limit.

One session, one studio, 3 outfits, a beautiful subject with her pet... 12 different shots.Voila.

I hope that you will enjoy the samples below...





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