Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photographing Concepts by Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

 In a world of conformity, would you dare to be different? Would you be boring to become  just a follower, instead of being a top trend setter?

Photographing a concept starts with a bit of planning. Not much but a bit. Be it still life, be it with human beings in it... A concept shot has a purpose, which will always be geared to tell a story. We are not talking about just a pretty photo of something or someone.
From my kitchen table to yours with love. My garden snail Willy and I had a bit of fun... He is now set free back to the garden basking in the sun.
I will let you create the story about the shots below. They are all people portraits.

 Sealed Lips.
 Tea Time...
Canada Day 2014 Celebration Mojito time.