Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Capturing That WOW CLASSIC Wedding Photo by Montreal Fine Art Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

When we go "WOW" at some wedding photography I always analyze what makes a WOW wedding photo.


Almost every wedding photo people would go WOW to is all about location.

 Number 2: The Bride's gown... YUP...

Number 3: The magical light, clouds, rain,snow, weather conditions. etc

Number 4: The poses and the composition. I have seen often a photo that has all of the above elements in it, but the photographer did not direct the couple well, therefor the pose looks unnatural, posed, too fake...

So what happens, if it is a wedding that the bride and the groom DO NOT want to venture out of the hotel where everything will take place?

This happened to me in August 1998. We were at a downtown hotel. Hotel Bonaventure, it was a Jewish wedding. Second time for the bride and the groom. They had kids and close friends and family.

I will share with you two pages from their album. In each page, one image was shot on the hotel grounds the other image is a total digital collage, can you guess which one?
If you do not want your wedding photos to be outdated in the years to come, STAY AWAY FROM FUNKY TRENDS.