Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beyond Simple Glamour Portraits By Montreal Glamour Make Over Fashion Boudoir Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

A client arrives with a red dress for a glamour make over session. She is beautiful. She has chosen me to photograph her. From a sea full of us shooting glamour or what some people call it "boudoir"...

It is my job to stamp the images I shoot with my signature style.

Off course I do photograph her indoors where most of my work is done. But I push the envelope a bit further. And you will see how below.

I love creating realistic fine art digital collages with my photography. My digital collages do not look like fantasy paintings. They look very real. As if they were shot on the premises.

I take that glamour portrait from indoors to outdoors. I photograph also all my backgrounds.

The road was shot by me in France in the summer of 2014.

To me photography is beyond just a clever click. Photography is just a tool to let my imagination go wild. A perfect study of light and shadows. A discovery of self for each of my client who enters my studio.

May I invite you to witness the  evolution of the Lady In Red images.