Thursday, April 16, 2015

About The Bully by Montreal Glamour Make Over Boudoir Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

When anyone tries to bully you, the reason behind it all is to turn the attention towards themselves and meanwhile their entire purpose with this cowardly act  is to cut you into pieces and they want you to react and feel hurt.

Stand TALL. Ignore. Shake it off. Ignoring the bully is the best way to get back at them.

A bully thrives on controlling a group of people by directing them to gang up on others. Meanwhile that same leader bully tries to show a friendly face towards the bullied. Bullies are insecure controlling cowards. Their insecurities make them suffer from the disease called envy.

Several years ago I watched a great play about this at Centaur theatre. I wish I remembered the play's title.

Thank you George aka DarkAngelOne   for creating these two fabulous animated gifs below of my photo "Getting Bullied" from "Emotion In Motion" series. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. George is a legally blind Amerindian photo animator. He is extremely creative.
You either repulse the poison implied to you by others.
Or you let it in and get hurt. The choice is very clear. You are the master of your own universe.