Saturday, January 2, 2016

Romantic In Venice Our Gondola Ride by Montreal Glamour Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

After spending a two weeks in Venice, walking almost its every tiny streets, watching millions of tourists in gondolas, and photographing them (me off course), we finally decided to take our own gondola ride two days before our departure date.
Our decision was to take it from the spot that every day we had a Campari spritz. The place was next to our apt. We chose to do the half and hour tour, in tiny canals and end the trip back to the grand canal. Price was 100 Euros. Worth... every penny of it. I actually preferred spending it on a Gondola ride then few our restaurant bills which coasted more then that.

We absolutely wanted the ride during dusk, sun set time. Exactly 8.30 pm we started the ride. Our driver was great. He was doing this job since he was 18 years old. Over 35 years. He spoke only at the right times. It was uber romantic time for both of us. Quite, relaxing zen like.

Here are two photos of what I mean that I captured during our ride.

PS: On a funny note. During the ride, at a spot, a man with Quebec accent shouted at us. "Arete, arĂȘte un peu" He wanted to take our photo. I asked him "etes-vous from Quebec?" he answered "Oui, de St Lazarre"... What a small world.

 Our Gondola Ride Audiovisual on Youtube filmed with Samsung Galaxy S6

just click to the link above to watch the AV.