Saturday, January 14, 2017

Portrait Photo Editing Styles Versus Signature Style Portraits by Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

We all talk about branding a product. This certainly also applies to photography business.
In the past we always talked about "Signature Style"...

 When you look at a photo can you guess its author without seeing any name or logo attached to the shot?

 I used to teach portraiture. People who took my classes wanted glimpses on how I see the person, how do I direct them. They always had hands on classes.

 Often students try to emulate the teacher's style....

 I have been seeing several photographers on the market taking classes with master shooters, and often ending up editing their work as the master they tried to emulate. Consistent editing styles can be created simply by creating actions in Photoshop. Their best photos in the portfolio often are shots taken during these workshops where there are stylists, amazing locales and models.

 Is your editing style enough to call it your signature style?
To tell you the truth anyone can emulate your editing style.

 It is the way,you yourself the way you pose your subjects, how you style your shoots, light your subjects that will create a true signature style, which will not be that easy to emulate, and it will be a style beyond just photo editing styles.

 One shot. 3 editing versions. First one is as shot.



Believe it or not this type of editing below had been in vogue over the past few years.  There are several action packages people are marketing to achieve this look. That faded old prints look. It is not a Signature Style. It is the flavor of the year photo editing. Years to come it will look like as funny as the bee hive hair styles of the past.