Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Regarding Competition In Any Business. by Montreal photographer Hera Bell

Many business owners complain about their competition. Each generation claims that times have changed. Times do change. Technology evolves. Everyone tries to adapt. Some will be always better then others, this is just simple facts of life. We are not all created equal.

This has been true in all kind of business sectors since the existence of human kind in any capitalistic society.

Last year Apple (IPhone) opened a war against Samsung Galaxy android phone. Apple took Samsung to court in several countries with all bunch of allegations.

In North America although Apple won few of their court claims, in UK and several other court cases Apple lost their allegations against Samsung.  In UK Apple had to publish an apology ad.

Industry analysts today, they talk of Samsung Galaxy phone series' sales surpassing Apple's IPhone sales.

A healthy competition is good for the consumer. A healthy competitor does not badmouth the other party by using the name of his/her competition just to turn the spotlight on to themselves.

Photography business is no different. An educated customer knows the difference and their needs.

If you visit a business, as a consumer, and all you hear from the business owner how his/her competition is bad, and how he/she is great, I suggest you, stop a minute and ask what is he/she is scared of?

Food for thought...

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