Thursday, April 25, 2013

Photographing Children Montreal Children Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

When I started my photography career in 1997, I was photographing what I called back then "Glamour Make-overs". The era was with film. You could not see what you shoot. You had to be great at lighting.

Later on I wanted to diversify my clientele. I wanted to get into photographing family portraits. It took me nearly a year to convince my clientele that I could be as good as photographing their babies and children as I can photograph them as glamour subjects.

I built a impactful portfolio to convince them. Seeing is believing as they say.

Over the years I photographed many babies and their parents. All ages. All ethnic backgrounds.

One thing I always aimed to capture who they are.

Here are some samples...  My basic family portrait package starts at $350.00. We can conduct the session in your place or in my West Island studio. One make-up application is included in the price.



Everyone has a story. I tell your stories through my photos.

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