Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Photographing Christelle in 2009.Montreal Portrait Studio by Hera Bell

It was a hot August day when Christelle reached my downtown photo studio in Montreal. She was driving from Chicoutimi. Quite a drive I might add.

I did her make-up, the styling then we started to collaborate, her as my subject. in front of my camera.

I was using a Lumix G1.

I shot possibly 8 different styling. In a matter of 2 hours. We also shared a lunch and the day ended.

 She is someone who has been photographed a gazillions of times in the nude, or semi nude. How was I going to create something a bit different than the previous photographers?

She contacted me. I shy away to photograph well known faces, unless I am paid. This wasn't the case. It was a free shoot. I could not refuse her.

Here is some of the results.

The dress below is mine. It is a Mango design.

The silk robe you see here is also mine.

The skirt was hers.

The scarf was mine.

The silk taffeta skirt below actually belonged to my mother. Which I inherited and wore.