Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Gown, One Model In Studio. Photographing Glamour Fashion In Montreal Hera Bell Studio

In November 2010 I got the assignment to photograph some designer gowns.

Sonia is an extremely talented Montreal fashion designer.

I hired Jessica. For only 2 hours. Yup...

Usually when you shoot a fashion collection, you work with a fairly large team. From hair, to make-up, to stylist, plus the agency and sometimes the client. You name it. The shoots at days like this can last over 12 hours. Preparations take time.

During this session it was just me and Jessica (my model). And 3 outfits.

Voila, one dress, one model, few moods in studio.

As shot.

The photo below was exhibited at Kirkland Library's Art Gallery May 2012
Title was: Human Vase
As shot (below)
Then a little bit sizzling sexy dramatic mood... A collage...