Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Taking Your Children Portraits Towards Another Level by Montreal Fine Art Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

After photographing people for over 17 years, as a fine art portrait photographer I started searching more creative ways of serving my clients who have been trusting me to immortalize them on to paper or via digital pixels.

About 7 years ago I started experimenting intensively creating realistic photo collages. When I moved my downtown photography studio after 10 years, to my current West Island location, it became more evident to me that the future of my portrait business was on solid grounds with the new direction I had taken when I did my first photo collage years ago.

My husband and I we travel. When we travel, I am constantly searching to photograph that special location to use it in a further date in my photography.

Most of the time when I photograph a client in my studio I have no idea which background image I will drop them in. It is as much of a surprise to them as it is for me. There is nothing cookie cutter style approach in my photographic works.

I have been always seeking to create realistic collages. The way the light will hit my subjects will never reveal that the images are a collage. However I rarely hide the fact. I am actually proud to reveal my secret behind such collages. What I do is beyond simple photography.

Few weeks ago I had a mother and daughter "mini me, mother and daughter glamour" session in my studio. I have permission from Madeleine to share the results.

Check out the 6"x6" album from this session. Soft man made leather hard  cover, 20 pages, retail cost only $250.00 Canadian. Images are printed on real waterproof photography paper. The full bleed pages are thick and rigid.

Welcome to my magical world of the children photos.

Then we had our regular studio session also.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Portraits Of People Or Portrait Of Birds It Does Not Matter by Montreal Fine Art Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

Yesterday a friend of mine and I, we ventured to photograph the Canadian Snow Geese in Victoriaville Quebec.

 We left Montreal at 9am. We arrived there past 11am. Stayed about till 1.30pm. Then returned home to share a well deserved late lunch and a bottle of wine around 3.40pm.

Here are few results from my snaps.

 I do not claim to be a bird shooter. I am a portrait photographer. This was my first time ever experiencing to photograph these type of birds. This being said.

As you can see it is a huge colony.


Most photos I have seen over the years shows them flying in groups or when they are on the ground the background is full of birds.  I photographed them in flight as well.

I guess my portrait background kicks in even when I will photograph a bird. I try to capture the individual bird with uncluttered backgrounds exposing their behaviors.

This approach can also be described as reportage style. Show everything about them. Their environment but also the bird itself. 

 My approach does not change when I will photograph weddings, events and editorial shoots. Always trying to emphasize the beauty of the subject.

Consider it that we can't direct birds in the wild, but I know how to direct human beings in front of my camera.

Sunset moon below was shot at my driveway yesterday.

The landscape was shot from a moving car. I was the passenger.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Montreal Fine Art Glamour Portait Photographer Hera Bell's Photgraphy Exhibit in 2014

My recent photo exhibit's audio visual.

Thank you everyone who visited and signed my guest book.
Realize all the possibilities
Understand the designs of destiny
People do what they do best
Judging those unique from the crowd
Blessing of life does not rewind
So engineer dreams into reality
Manifest greatness in every thought
Listen to the melody of your glory song
Wave of negativity does not belong on your shore
Let it flow back to the ocean it came from.

 With Love
(unknown author)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Capturing That WOW CLASSIC Wedding Photo by Montreal Fine Art Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

When we go "WOW" at some wedding photography I always analyze what makes a WOW wedding photo.


Almost every wedding photo people would go WOW to is all about location.

 Number 2: The Bride's gown... YUP...

Number 3: The magical light, clouds, rain,snow, weather conditions. etc

Number 4: The poses and the composition. I have seen often a photo that has all of the above elements in it, but the photographer did not direct the couple well, therefor the pose looks unnatural, posed, too fake...

So what happens, if it is a wedding that the bride and the groom DO NOT want to venture out of the hotel where everything will take place?

This happened to me in August 1998. We were at a downtown hotel. Hotel Bonaventure, it was a Jewish wedding. Second time for the bride and the groom. They had kids and close friends and family.

I will share with you two pages from their album. In each page, one image was shot on the hotel grounds the other image is a total digital collage, can you guess which one?
If you do not want your wedding photos to be outdated in the years to come, STAY AWAY FROM FUNKY TRENDS.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Rituals Of Belonging" Is Now Open Till November 9 2014 In Montreal


                                    Rituals Of Belonging 2014 Hera Bell's Solo Exhibit

                                                Just follow the link to see teaser photos.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My NEW Glamour Make Over Photography Web Site Is UP by Montreal glamour make over portrait photographer Hera Bell

My Glamour Make Over Photography web site is officially up and running.
I wanted a web site simple, packed with images and information of what such photo sessions means to me and what are some of the results after a session with me in my studio... No hidden fees. NADA. It is all there.

I had started this unique portrait service in 1997 during the film era.
Glamour make over photography became very popular in the late 60's up to mid 70's. It first started at Hollywood. Then became popular across the USA.  Then it became so popular that it turned into  tacky portrait sessions. So it died.
A Glamour Make Over session does not necessary means your today's typical Boudoir sessions. At least for me. This is why I felt the need to start a web site showing what I mean.
In my studio we take this portrait art form one step further. We are known to offer  clients highly artistic and very realistic photography collages. All the locations they are digitally transported are shot my me. Which sets us apart from our competition. We do not just take your photo, we create the image.

I thank everyone who gave me permission to include their photos at this web site.



Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pussy Power by Montreal Glamour Make Over Photographer Hera Bell

"Pussy Power Puts Most Men's Pants On Fire"

In my very bizarre imagination this is what happened at Paris' train station that day on our way to a Chateau... Sexy women took over men without any actual weapons.

A little bit humour does not kill. Just a silly observation about the interactions between women and men. And how some women who are aware of such power over men can get most things their desire.

Have a super Sunday. Thank you for dropping by.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Art Of Creating Old Fashion Photos by Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

 Emulating old fashion post cards from a by gone era.

This is not the first time I have done this.
Few years ago I had to create an entire wedding album for a special client who wore a 100 years old wedding gown she inherited from her family. The leather album matched the age of the wedding dress which was hand made by an Italian leather maker. The entire wedding had only 80 guests all dressed up to the époque. The party was happening under tones of candle light in a great estate garden located at Eastern townships. Too bad I have no permission to show the results. Some of my clients insist on privacy. and I respect that.

In this shot you see Karima in a Parisian courtyard...
It gives you an idea how every single image was edited for my wedding client's album. The edges of the photos were cut off one by one with a special scissors to give that old fashion post card edges.

I had to create a photoshop action to have uniformity between all the photos.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Power of Gold by Montreal Fine Art Boudoir Glamour Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

I covered her breasts in 24 karat gold... This was a shoot that I have been dreaming of for months now. It happened today in my studio.

It will be a part my upcoming October solo exhibit "Rituals Of Belonging". Printed as a 22" x30" print on a very special paper.

Styling, concept, make-up also are by yours truly, besides photography. Single studio strobe.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photographing Concepts by Montreal Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

 In a world of conformity, would you dare to be different? Would you be boring to become  just a follower, instead of being a top trend setter?

Photographing a concept starts with a bit of planning. Not much but a bit. Be it still life, be it with human beings in it... A concept shot has a purpose, which will always be geared to tell a story. We are not talking about just a pretty photo of something or someone.
From my kitchen table to yours with love. My garden snail Willy and I had a bit of fun... He is now set free back to the garden basking in the sun.
I will let you create the story about the shots below. They are all people portraits.

 Sealed Lips.
 Tea Time...
Canada Day 2014 Celebration Mojito time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Upcoming Photo Exhibit In October 2014 by Montreal Fine Art Portrait Photographer Hera Bell

I will have a solo photo exhibit in October 2014. "Rituals Of Belonging"....

If you will be in Montreal, hope that you will be able to go and visit.

Closer to the date more information will be announced.

The web URL is up and running. The first teaser poster is up. After the exhibit's closure at the hosting art gallery,  there will be a virtual tour on line permitting the world to visit and see it.

For now go I invite you to see and enjoy the teaser poster. Just click the link below.

Montreal Fine Art Portrait Photographer Hera Bell's Photo Exhibit October 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Baby Bump... Maternity & Motherhood by Montreal Family Portrait Photographer Studio Hera Bell

This Sunday will be another mother's day.

I am so happy that my mother is alive and with us. She has been and still is a source of love and self determination in my life.

Over the years I had the privilege to photograph some amazing pregnant mothers to be. Most of the client photos I can't show, they stay in my private archives. But I will share few with you today. As I was given permission to show them.

Photographing that baby bump and making it look poetic, sexy and sassy has been always my goal.

Babies are conceived out of love and result of passion between two people. A pregnant woman is radiant and sexy. It is up to us photographers to capture that sexiness and beauty of a mother to be.

Voila few samples of what I mean.

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers to be out there. Your life will change soon.



                             I love you mom. This photo was taken December 2010.